Remote Controls

We proudly offer a variety of options to control your rectifier. Each type of SCR or Switchmode rectifier can interface with any of the control solutions offered by American Plating Power. From simple manual control to dynamic application-based interface, we can improve the precision and repeatability of your process.
American Plating Power also offers PLC/PC interface by analog or digital signal. All standard protocols are supported such as Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet and Analog/I/O. Desktop software is also available to interface with one or more rectifiers.

Standard Remote Controls

Analog or digital metering
Start/stop controls
Rectifier status indicators




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Standard Remote Controls are used for switch mode power supplies and thyristor rectifier devices with analog or digital measuring instruments. The remote control panel is built into a shock and corrosion resistant casing with a transparent plastic cover to protect the integrated measurement and operating components. This unit is designed for wall mounting and therefore includes special hinge technology for easy installation.

UPC 5000

Store 20 Custom Profiles
Bath Temperature Display
Remote Monitoring
Ramp, Cycle, Amp & Time Modes
New Equipment Control or Retrofit to an existing Rectifier 



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American Plating Power is proud to offer a user friendly, local or remote interface control solution that also allows for simple data logging.  This product can be implemented with a new equipment purchase or retrofit to an existing rectifier


• Ramp Mode
• Cycle Mode with Anodic/ Cathodic operation
• Global Amp x Time Mode (Hrs, Mins or Secs)
• Amp x Time Readout (resettable)
• Amp x Time Totalizer (non-resettable)
• Monitor/Status Screens
• Current and Voltage set points
• Bath Temperature Readout
• Rectifier Start /Stop commands
• Fault Indication
• 8 Programmable Relays
• 2 Dosing Relay Timers (Amp x Time Mode)
• Operator & Supervisor Password Protection
• 20 Recipes with 20 Segments (V & I Control)
• End of Process Indicator and Buzzer
• Data Logging

MFD 10 Multi-Functional Display

Digital precision controls
Ramp function
Amp hour counter
Pulse control (unipolar/bipolar)
Polarity reversal


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The MFD 10 Process Controller is ideal for almost every type of rectifier and electrochemical process. In addition to the basic functions (current and voltage control, ampere-hour meter, timer and set-point ramp) there are three additional that are available. These optional functions are Version 2.0 which includes a V pilot, Version 3.0 which includes a (unipolar) pulse, and Version 4.0 which includes a polarity reversal and (bipolar) pulse.


  • Easy to operate
  • Large digital instruments for indicating the process current and voltage
  • Electronic precision set-point for presetting the process current and voltage
  • Robust, corrosion-resistant polystyrene (PS) enclosure for use in industrial environments
  • Splash-proof design

multi-functional display rectifier controller chart

MFD 10 Versions:

1.01 Ramp
2 Ampere-hour meters
2 Timers
2.01 Ramp
2 Ampere-hour meters
2 Timers
V-Pilot (V or I)
(Process monitoring)
3.01 Ramp
2 Ampere-hour meters
2 Timers
Pulse (unipolar)
Tp: 0,05 s – 600 s
or 1 s – 10 h
4.01 Ramp
2 Ampere-hour meters
2 Timers
Polarity reversal function*
Pulse (bipolar)
Tp: 0,05 s – 600 s

*The connected rectifier must be able to support the polarity reversal function. Device-specific properties may cause an extension of the minimum pulse time.

AS1200 Type II Anodizing Controller

Voltage & Current Control Modes
Current Density Mode with Preset/Actual Thickness & Load Surface Area
Simple operation and easy monitoring
Can be used with any brand rectifier 



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Simplified, intuitive operation and increased productivity are only two of the essential advantages the AS 1200 offers. The control algorithm is optimized for the needs and requirements of decorative anodizing. Target setting of layer thickness and A/ft² instead of process voltage and estimated process time, provides for more process reliability and helps to gain advantages in quality and efficiency.


  1. a) Process current
  2. b) Process voltage
  3. c) Electrolyte temperature
  4. d) Remaining process time
  5. e) Current density (current density control mode)
  6. f) Pre-set layer thickness (current density control mode)
  7. g) Actual layer thickness (current density control mode)
  8. h) Actual load surface area (current density control mode)

Special standard features:

  1. a) 4th generation current density control algorithm
  2. b) Automatic self-optimising function to avoid rectifier overload operation
  3. c) Automatic standby function to reduce energy consumption after the end of the process
  4. d) Automatic load adjustment in current density control mode to achieve the same layer thickness for different load sizes (30 – 100 % of maximum load) without changing the program
  5. e) Program editor to save physical program names

HS 1200 TYPE III Anodizing Controller

Voltage & Current Control
Surface treatment mode based on current density values
Automatic mode with preassigned programs
Can be used with any brand rectifier


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The HS 1200 Process Controller for type III hard anodizing of aluminum

The HS 1200 is an easy to use remote process controller, which is designed to control the rectifier used in the aluminum hard anodizing process.  The HS 1200 provides you with the flexibility needed to cope with the different requirements given to successfully anodize various aluminum alloys.

In addition to the standard DC mode, you can also apply various pulse patterns to the load being anodized. The surface mode is an additional easy to handle operation to standardize treatment programs for various load sizes. This feature comes in addition to the voltage/time and current/time control modes, which are available as standards.

By using the integrated ProfiNET interface, the HS 1200 can easily be integrated into an Industrial Ethernet based communication system. This robust communication system enables the HS 1200 to establish a robust digital link to a line control system and to make the process information generated in the HS 1200 available to other application, such as the ERP system.


The HS 1200 is a very compact, yet still easy to use process controller. The HS 1200 enclosure complies with all requirements for a protection grade of IP 54 (NEMA12) and is designed for wall mounting.  An industrial approved, robust 9’’ color touchscreen is used for setting the programs and providing the actual process information. The 16:9 display format improves the user friendly design further.

In addition to the known process data and to ensure online monitoring of the process, the colored display is able to show trend lines of the following parameters:

  1. Process current
  2. Process voltage
  3. Bath temperature

PKA Anodic Bath Protection

Continuous, dynamic bath potential monitoring
Fully automatic adjustment
Controlled with a touch panel and a plain text display
Integrated UPS to allow emergency operation during mains failure



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PKA 2 – 5 A, 10 A Version

During chemical nickel plating processes in stainless steel tanks, nickel deposits can build up rapidly, often unexpectedly, inside the bath. Because of the damage this does to the tank’s passive surface, the process bath becomes unsuitable for further production and must be renewed or replaced at great cost.

The PKA2 Anodic Bath Protection Processor has been designed to help prevent this. Its dynamic natural potential SCAN® monitors the actual bath potential and automatically calculates and applies the necessary minimal counter-potential. This means a longer life span for your electrolyte, reduced costs, and a higher level of operational safety.


  • Continuous, dynamic bath potential monitoring
  • Fully automatic adjustment to the optimal protective potential (Natural potential SCAN®)
  • Controlled with a touch panel and a plain text display
  • Digital displays for all important information
  • Plain texts alerts to indicate faults
  • Switch over function from BATH 1 to BATH 2
  • Integrated UPS to allow emergency operation during mains failure

Dynamic Natural Potential SCAN:®

  • Increased electrolyte life-span
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved operational safety

APC 50

PLC based Touch Screen with password protection
Includes selectable modes customized to the process
Feedback, setpoint, and temperature display
Trending display and storage




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APC 50E Touchscreen Controller Features/Functions:

– The controller can control any manufactured rectifier
– Temperature monitoring using PT100 probes. 1 new probe is provided by APP
– Voltage regulation +/-1%
– Controller is a PLC based Touch Screen with password protection
– Includes selectable modes customized to the process
– Feedback, setpoint, and temperature display
– Trending display and storage
– Data storage with a frequency of 1/second for voltage, current, temp & date/time
– Windows-based software
– Programmed alarms with setpoint or outage with visual and audible indicators
– Entry fields:
1. “Certified Operator ID:” (input requires three numeric values, ie: “123”)
2. “Load Number:” (Input requires three alpha numeric values, ie: “10A”) 


Remote Control & Monitoring
Windows-Based Software for Control for all Makes of Rectifiers
Data Logging
Real Time Message Board

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Our APP LYNQ Software Package is a Windows Based software designed to operate with APP Controllers that can control various makes and models of rectifiers. The software and license allows for the control and monitoring of each individual rectifier (up to 30) thru our UPC 5000E Process Controller or our APC 50E Touchscreen Controller via Modbus TCP. This allows the user to operate each rectifier remotely from the APP LYNQ Software or locally from the UPC 5000E Process Controller or APC 50E Touchscreen Controller and still have the ability to monitor, trend and log their status.

Software Features:

– Operator & Manager Password Protection
– Individual/Multiple Rectifier “Start/Stop” Function
– Setpoint/Program

Entry per Rectifier:
• Current
• Voltage
• Recipes with Segments
• Cycle Time
• Ramp Time
• Amp x Time Mode (Hours, Minutes, or Seconds)
– Monitor/Status per Rectifier:
• Current
• Voltage
• Tank/Bath Temperature (with Optional PT100 Temp Sensor)
• On/Standby Indicator
• Rectifier Fault Indication
• End of Process Indication
• Voltage & Current with Autoscale
– Data/Trending Log:
• Voltage Setpoint & Actual
• Current Setpoint & Actual
• Tank/Bath Temperature (with Optional PT100 Temp Sensor)
• Date and Time Stamp
– Minimum Sample Rate of 1 second (Voltage, Current, Temperature, etc.)
– Real Time Message Board with Date and Time Stamp
– Data Storage within Windows Based Software in .csv format

System Requirements (Customer Provided):

– 32bits Windows 2007

 Each type of SCR or Switchmode rectifier can interface with any of the controllers offered by American Plating Power.