Q: How do I get in touch with the Spare parts department?
A: please call (239)275-5977 and ask for Spare parts or visit our web store.

Q: I have a POWER RACK system and my current is limited. How do I address this?
A: If your voltage output from the system is at maximum rated voltage, the only way to get more current is to have more surface area (parts) in the tank.
A: If adding load does not increase your current output. Refer to the LED TROUBLESHOOTING DIAGRAM in the system user manual. In addition, a copy can be found inside the power supply on the door.
A: If troubleshooting using the LED TROUBLESHOOTING DIAGRAM was not successful, Call (239) 275-5977 and ask for technical support. Please have the unit model and serial number handy from the nameplate of the rectifier.

Q: Technical support has recommended the equipment be returned for evaluation and repair. Where do I send it and what information is needed?
A: If you sending in a single power module for repair; call (239) 275-5877 and request an RMA number. Please have your Model number and Serial number handy from the Nameplate of the rectifier system.
A: After getting the RMA number, Ship the power supply LTL freight, securely strapped to a skid or crated to avoid shipping Damage. Ship the power supply to AMERICAN PLATING POWER 2176 ANDREA LANE, FORT MEYERS, FL. 33912. Be sure to clearly mark the RMA NUMBER on all correspondence as well as the crate or tag the power supply with this information.

Q: I have an SCR power supply. What preliminary checks can I do to see if there is a functional issue?
A: Measure the incoming line current under load. If there is an SCR not turning on, this will reflect in uneven line current. A proper operating SCR supply will have all three phases within 2-3 amps.

Q: I need to change an SCR in my power supply. What Grease should be used?
A: It depends on whether the SCR is a “Power block” style that has an isolated base; or a “stud mount” or “hockey puck” style that conducts power through the mounting base. A “power Block” needs a grease that its primary function is thermal conduction. Wakefield 120 compound is good for thermal conduction but is an electrical insulator. EJC 2 or Jet Lube SCX13 are preferred for Stud mount and Hockey puck style SCR’s.

Q: Is the “ Visual Plating Controller” software compatible with Windows 10?
A: Yes, the VPC software is compatible with Windows 10.”