E-coat or Electrophoretic deposition (EPD), includes a range of industrial processes: electrocoating, cathodic and anodic electrodeposition, and electrophoretic coating and painting. E-Coat is used in many industry including automotive and appliance applications. E-Coat is a paint deposition process in which parts are immersed into wet paint. DC current is then used to attract the paint to the metal surface. The process produces uniform surface coating and high corrosion resistance and is especially effective for complex shapes. American Plating Power E-Coat rectifiers provide high quality DC, exceptional control characteristics, and superior reliability.

Designed to the needs of the ED coating process our ED Coating Rectifiers provide the required high DC quality, special control characteristics, and reliability to successfully operate the process.


  • Manual and automatic operation
  • SCR control
  • High control dynamics
  • High control accuracy
  • Voltage and current control
  • Ramp function
  • Customized interfacing (analog/digital)
  • Ripple filter
  • Additional filtering for special applications up to 1%


  • Current censity control for uniform coating of small and large batches
  • Sparkless transition
  • Grounding diodes
  • Ah meter for dosage and coating control
  • Field bus connection (Profibus or Interbus S)
  • Process monitoring and logging
  • PLC or programmer control
  • Dosage control for adhesive and pigments