American Plating Power offers a broad range of SCR/Thyristor, IGBT power supply topologies for DC, AC and Pulse applications in forced-air, direct-water, closed-loop and oil-cooled for industrial applications. The robust products are designed to suit indoor or outdoor installations with adherence to NEMA and IP construction ratings along with other internationally recognized standards such as IEEE, ANSI and CSA. All of our rectifiers are supplied in accord the latest directives of CE.

American Plating Power supplies both developed industry standard and custom solutions to meet challenging space requirements, ambient temperatures and other operating conditions.

Chemical Production

industrial power supply chemical production industryOn site hypochlorite generation is one of the many applications American Plating Power products serve in the area of chemical production. American Plating Power provides power supplies for essentially any type of electrolyzed chemical production application.

Fuel Cell

American Plating Power supplies power supplies for the Fuel Cell industry. Fuel cell technology, which generates clean electricity from hydrogen to power buildings and transportation while emitting only water, is a growing field for DC power supplies. Our power supplies are used in the production of hydrogen for this industry. 

Metals and Minerals

American Plating Power and our partners have vast experience in supplying robust rectifier packages for use in a variety of the world’s most demanding applications.The SCR and switchmode-based topologies are rated for 100% continuous duty for applications such as metals production, refining and mineral separation.

Water Treatment

American Plating Power offers a wide variety of DC power solutions for electrolyzed water treatment processes. With DC voltages up to 900 VDC, American Plating Power’s switch mode and SCR products are ideally suited for many water purification requirements.

For applications and industries such as Aerospace, Anodizing, Automotive, or Construction visit Metal Finishing.