power supply equipment financing american plating power scr rectifiersBenefits of Power Supply Equipment Financing


  • Low monthly payments: What’s easier to budget: $10,000 or $370/month?
  • Purchasing Power: Purchase today’s technology with tomorrow’s dollars.
  • Free up working capital: Financing improves cash flow by enabling increased productivity while keeping your funds liquid.
  • Protect your line of credit: Lease payments have no impact on your bank credit lines so keep this available for other business needs like marketing & additional resources.
  • Section 179 tax code advantages: This has been a great advantage for businesses for years, but did you know when it’s combined with business equipment financing it can save you thousands and increase cash flow?



power supply equipment financing american plating power scr rectifiers







Efficient Process.

Program Flexibility

  • 12-60 month finance terms
  • Merit based credit assessment
  • Start-ups & established business funded
  • Flexible & customized financing programs
  • $1.00 ownership transfer