Product Highlight: Oil-cooled SCR

Output Capabilities: 0-600VDC, 0-15,000A

Enclosure Rating: Up to NEMA 4/IP 56

Our natural oil-cooled silicon rectifier, with secondary thyristor adjustment, is integrated into a robust oil tank and can interface with any of our remote control offerings or by PLC PC via digital or analog signal. It is rated for continuous, full load, industrial operation without any reduction in output power.

The rectifier is enclosed in a tough, corrugated oil tank which fulfills all of the requirements up to a NEMA 4/IP 56. This housing is ideal for installation in the most aggressive of environments.

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Rectifiers in Stock

APP has a broad range of new equipment available for immediate shipment. From expandable MSA Towers to wall-mounted designs, American Plating Power is your source for an immediate power supply solution. Visit our website to see a list of available types and quantities of rectifiers in stock.

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Meet the Team: Jason McGahey



Name: Jason McGahey

Role/Position: Director of Business Development & Marketing

Years in the Industry: 23

Years with APP: 3

What does a typical workday look like for you?

My location and role require me to be available all of the time. Many of my activities have me supporting people in a lot of different time zones. I generally start pretty early, get exercise at some point during the day, and work through the afternoon and evening. I work remotely so the dog is always close by.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

I chase my two teenage kids around a lot with all of their activities. My wife and I also started a non-profit year round basketball training club. Most available evenings have me on a basketball court somewhere. It started with one team and has grown to include over 60 members from across 16 different schools and a lot of tournament wins. Many of the players come from challenging backgrounds. I direct the club and head coach several of the teams. It keeps me busy and in shape while trying to run with kids who are 1/3 of my age. I also play the drums and ski.

What are you most proud of regarding APP?

Our business is growing vastly at a significant but manageable pace. When I joined the company, it was clear that the edict is that the customer always comes first. We literally drop everything to support our customers. Representing a complete line of products and a company where the equipment is so reliable is a joy too. I am really proud of our diligent attention to quality. We spend a long time developing and testing new products before anyone is offered them. I have been working in this industry a long time and there really is no equivalent in technology and innovation. We have something new to offer at every industry event. The R&D never stops.

What do you like most about the APP team?

Our crew gets along great! There are no egos to satisfy and the employees truly care about one another. Everyone really knows their stuff too. Whether that is the design, admin, assembly or sales and marketing team, we have experienced and knowledgeable people in every role. The corporate culture allows each of us to flex our strengths and contribute ideas that get implemented quickly. We work really hard but take the time to be a team. It is very rewarding.



Spare Parts Corner



APP has spare parts in stock to minimize your rectifier’s down-time. If you are in need of circuit boards, thyristors, diodes, thermos or fuses at pricing that makes sense, our team of experts can assist you with all brands of power supplies.

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